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Because anyone deserves 1 billion dollars more than Kanye!

1. Tell us with one video, why you are a better option than Kanye (easy!)

2. Get enough votes

3. Get the money

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Chipotle XD
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Jimmy Kimmel
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The Young Turks
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Pop Trigger
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Top 10 Reasons Kanye West is Hated
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Kyle vs. Kanye - SNL

You are better option!

Maybe you will donate to charity, maybe you will spend the money on a Yacht! We know both options are better than whatever Kanye would spend the money on! Try your chances!

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For you Little Zuckerberg

We are sure Zuckerberg will end putting money on this page, because come on! any option here is better than Kanye, but even if you are no Zuckerberg you can still contribute some love (aka Money).

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